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7 Secrets to Avoid Mobile Apps Failure

7 Secrets to Avoid Mobile Apps Failure

posted by: admin date: Dec 03, 2014 category: Mobile App Development comments: 0

The growing adoptions of smartphones, advancement of network technologies, lowering mobile data usage cost, have ignited the growth of the global mobile application market. The recent report by Markets and Markets states that the global mobile applications market is expected to be worth US$25.0 billion by 2015. As the mobile app development business is growing rapidly, all the mobile applications are not ‘hit show’, many of them have to face failure or loss.

So, what are the reasons due to which your application didn’t get download on user’s phone? Whether it is android app or ios app development, if something went wrong in the single side corner of app, it could be valid reason for users for not using particular application. Here I am going to explain the reasons that lead to mobile app failures.

Do your app has real functionality?

The core of mobile app lies in its functionality. Users will use your app only when it makes their life easy. Any hindrance in functionality is the break in the deal you promised with your customers.  All the elements of a successful app should function accurately and consistently against user interactions.

Does the app genuinely meaningful?

Ask yourself: Does your app able to solve any real world problem or just a replica of a popular app? If you are developing app with motive to earn money then it is a mistake pharmacie en ligne cialis. You need to focus to solve a problem that exists amongst the users. Here you can look into various market reports, surveys that exhibit the user-pain points and can give you clue to crate meaning app.

Did you check the performance?

In today’s world, when million of mobile applications have been launched everyday, users will not come to you, if your mobile application failed to work in first time. If you want your app to be an integral part of a smartphone, it is crucial that your app should simple, and easy to use.  You need to perform several performance tests for mobile applications as users want fast response times, secure connections and consistently good service.  In other words, all the components of mobile app should offer enjoyable user experience.

What about device compatibility?

App developers need to pay close attention to device compatibility issue. As a mobile application can be deployed across devices iOS, Android, Windows, BB, etc, there is no guarantee that a tested application works well on a given device, can be run on other device. Different smartphones have different screen resolution, CPU, Memory, OS optimization, and hardware that can seriously impact an app’s adoption rate. You need to select mobile platform according to preference of your target audience. You may also think of developing app for both iPhone and Android platforms.

Do you know your target audience?

In the mobile app development process the audience matters more than the idea. It is easy to get excited about app ideas but getting the true target audience is daunting task. You should know whether your audience is on iPhone or android. Think, what emotional impact your app will have on its audience.

Did you market it well?

From the small business to large enterprises, effective marketing is a business cornerstone. Without powerful marketing strategy, even the best of product could fade into oblivion. Whisper it, facebook it, or tweet about your application launch! But remember don’t over-promote your application.

Where is the backend Support?

Backend support is must if you are building ecommerce or gaming applications. Robust backend support is need for offering engaging and connected user experiences. There have been many examples when apps have net been able to manage traffic inflow and affected the business value.

Summing It Up

Today app market is crowded and users have more options then before in terms of how to educate themselves, how to shop, how to book tickets, how to be entertain etc. Each of the questions mentioned above should be addressed in the development process of mobile enterprise apps as this will help you to create potential app and will ensure that your app does not get lost in the chaos of the app market.

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