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iOS Platform – Enterprise First choice for Mobility

In a recent mobility index report, it says that iOS dominated the overall enterprise share and followed by Android platform. It is basically because of the introduction of iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6, which play a huge role why Apple has dominated in the world of mobile app development. However, this isn’t the only […]

date:  Dec 17, 2014 comments:  0
by:  admin category:  Mobile App Development

7 Secrets to Avoid Mobile Apps Failure

The growing adoptions of smartphones, advancement of network technologies, lowering mobile data usage cost, have ignited the growth of the global mobile application market. The recent report by Markets and Markets states that the global mobile applications market is expected to be worth US$25.0 billion by 2015. As the mobile app development business is growing […]

date:  Dec 03, 2014 comments:  0
by:  admin category:  Mobile App Development

The key to successful software development campaigns

As more and more business is handled online, the demand for innovative software products is growing at an exponential rate. The challenges that software development companies face are getting tougher as time progresses. In order to meet the ever higher  expectations and exacting demands of the burgeoning marketplace, software developers need to be innovative themselves, […]

date:  Nov 26, 2014 comments:  0
by:  admin category:  Software Development
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