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Most Recommended SEO Video Marketing Strategies to Win with Both Google and Audiences


Most Recommended SEO Video Marketing Strategies to Win with Both Google and Audiences

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SEO marketing is very simple and easy with video optimization. With visual and audio content, learning and understanding become simple and easy for the consumers. Video marketing can also play an important role in the success of any organization.

Why? Because video is the most preferred content type globally.

Some Truth in Pivot-To-Video Mentality

Hubspot research conducted research on the choice of preferable content among 3,000 people in the United States, Germany, Columbia, and Mexico.

They got asked, “What type of content do they want to see from a brand/business you following?” 54% of people were in favor of video content—the highest preference sources were email, social media images, videos, and blog.

And most liked video viewing platforms among the United States were:

  1. YouTube
  2. Facebook
  3. Netflix
  4. Instagram
  5. Amazon Video

Youtube is one of the second most popular search engines behind Google, also second most frequented website searched on the internet. With more than one billion users, YouTube is used by almost one-third of the entire internet.

Learn Video SEO Basics

  • Add Multiple Tags: Always include multiple tags related to your video without overstuffing.
  • Integrate Relevant Keywords: With the help of Google Trends, identify keywords to include them into your titles and descriptions that are related to your business.
  • Understand your audience from video searches and create a video according to it.

When focusing on how to optimize video for search, considering and understanding user behavior is key to helping your content rankings and engagement.

  • Attract More Subscriptions: Create your audience by attracting subscribers. To attract more subscribers, add content related to your target audience and invite them for like, comment and share.
  • Prioritize Your Brand Identity: From your banner photo to your “About” section, make sure your channel is clearly branded and appealing. Like any other content destination, insert your brand identity. Make it consistent with your other social media channels so it has visual appeal to viewers and makes them want to visit again.
  • Categorize Each Video: Similar to tagging each video, be sure to select a specific category for each video. This also gives YouTube information to help surface your content and helps users find you when searching by category or a category term.
  • Create for Mobile: Seventy percent of YouTube content is consumed on mobile devices. If your video doesn’t display well on mobile devices, you’re done for. Users won’t wait around for videos with slow load times. The mobile experience should be the first criteria for consumption value.

Appeal to the Platform Algorithms

YouTube has its own search requirements and set of algorithm criteria that marketers should understand in order to truly comprehend their video performance and optimize their uploads for the greatest impact. Here are a few of the best practices for making sure your YouTube videos rise in the rankings:

  • Create Channel Playlists: This will help your audience in finding relevant content on your channel without getting puzzled.
  • Analyze YouTube with Google Analytics: Monitor your YouTube performance with Google Analytics and plan your strategy wisely.
  • Focus more on Engagement: Metrics such as likes, comments, and shares also contribute to your ranking.

SEO video marketing combination of both search and social factors. Youtube is an immersive search engine as well as shareable video community. If you ask how to optimize video for search, the answer is all of the above—learn SEO basics, understand your audience, and platform algorithms.

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