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Our Process

We Understand

We start by taking the time to understand the pain points of your business and how we can solve them. This is important in order to help us recommend on the right course of action. It will also help us understand your expectations. If we are in agreement, we can formally start working together. The next phase is drawing up a plan of action.

We Plan

This step involves drawing up a plan of action. This action plan includes the processes to be followed during development, the methods to be used, the approach to be followed, project schedules, organization, and resources. The planning stage is also when we split the project into fragments which helps us set the overall scope of the project.

We Build

During this stage, we get to work on the plan. We use the documented plans to come up with the program logic. We use the documented standards, methods, tools, and actions to build the product and test it continuously during the process to ensure all elements are functional.

We Launch

This stage includes testing the app and hosting it to ensure it runs with no glitches. For mobile apps, we ensure they are hosted on app stores, and for websites, we ensure they are uploaded onto third-party servers and working correctly. After many tests, we deploy the product to the public.


This is the final stage. We offer ongoing support for your product by ensuring it is updated based on new requirements. As operating systems, user demands, and markets evolve, we ensure your investment in software development is not left behind and that you get a bang for your buck all the way through.

We are Flexible

We accommodate your preferences and do not insist on doing things our own way. We want to collaborate with you and are willing to ‘bend’ if possible to your requirements. Our team will work with you all the way and ensure we build quality products while being as accommodative as possible.

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