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Study Reveals the Top 5 SEO Mistakes Made by Marketing Agencies

Study Reveals the Top 5 SEO Mistakes Made by Marketing Agencies

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The 5 most common SEO issues found were:

  • 70% of agencies had a poor page speed- the average score given was 41
  • 63% of agencies had a lack of internal linking
  • 57% of agencies had undesirable pages indexed by Google.
  • 52% of agencies had pages containing thin content.
  • 47% of agencies had pages poorly optimized for keywords

Other honorable mentions, so to speak, include:

  • 33% of agencies have a poor backlink profile.
  • 27% of the firms were revealed to have copied content from other parts of the web.
  • 20% of digital marketing agencies had poor meta titles (especially for service landing pages).
  • 20% of agencies hadn’t updated their blog in over 6 months.
  • 17% of agencies had no ‘about us’ page.

After analyzing all the mistakes made by agencies, the study included a brief section on the things they’re doing well.

Agencies are doing exceptionally well when it comes to E-A-T, the study finds. That assessment is based on the following factors:

  • 100% had a marketing blog.
  • 100% had HTTPS.
  • 29 of the 30 agencies had a social media presence.
  • 100% had displayed their contact information.
  • 83% had an “about” or “meet the team” page.

For further analysis of these findings, read the full study here, Story by Search Engine Journal

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