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The future of Mobile Apps in 2015

The future of Mobile Apps in 2015

posted by: Atin samotra date: Feb 18, 2015 category: Mobile App Development comments: 0

Mobile Apps have made an impact on the current online community and the future looks bright for the Mobile Apps market. The trends set by mobile apps will continue to flow in 2015 with some changes. Today, we are going to understand what will make mobile apps tick in the year 2015 and what changes should be taken bymobile apps development companyto incorporate all the changes without giving away the competition.

Let’s start with the list below:

1. Native Mobile Apps will get more traction: The upcoming year will bring more traction to the native apps, despite the growth of the framework such as Phone Gap to build Multi-platform apps for the consumers. The reason is more performance and native support.

Android App Development Companycan bring more business in the year 2015.

2. Voice-targeted Apps: Creating Voice apps will be more beneficial for the companies as the current trend suggest an increase in using voice as the command in most of the mobile queries. Statistics also suggest that a good chunk of Google queries is executed in the voice. The transition can take time in respect of enterprise apps, but consumer apps will embrace the trend faster.

Mobile App Developers should target developing voice targeted Apps as soon as possible. This will give them a head start over the competitors.

3. Context Oriented Mobile Apps: Running Business is not easy and with Big Data, the chances that data-driven mobile apps are going to be a part of company normal work routine.

With the help of Big Data, many businesses can take data sensitive decision and bring more value to the whole process of execution.

4. More Focus on the Mobile Ecosystem: Currently, there are tons of OS, hardware, screen sizes, firmware and the reason why mobile development is hard is because of no unified Ecosystem for the Mobile App Development. In 2015, Companies would love to work on the core of the problem, i.e trying to find a unified approach rather than bringing unnecessary competition in the market.

5. Customers are the New King: Customers were always the king, but taking care of them on the mobile platform was never on the cards for many major services across the world. In 2015, the coin can flip and bring the best for the customers in the mobile app segment.

With the right platform, customers can find their problem solved on the move. Also, texting services can bring more value to people who always stay busy.

Every unique platform development team, including the best iOS application development team makes sure that they put customers needs and experiences at top priority.

6. Enterprise Apps: In 2014, consumer apps made billions of dollars, but the year of 2015 will see a lot of changes in the right path as Enterprise Apps will gain more traction and bring more value to the business around the world.

According to many Mobile experts, the Enterprise micro apps will also see an increase in evolving and become richer for the users.

Scalability is also an issue for this kind of enterprise apps and with current resources and talent at hand, the fate of Enterprise Apps can change.


The Mobile App industry is the best place to be right now. The current market is expanding and mobile arena will see an explosion in terms of experimentation and growth.



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