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Things to Expect on Mobile Enterprise Applications in 2015

Things to Expect on Mobile Enterprise Applications in 2015

posted by: admin date: Jan 06, 2015 category: Latest Blog, Mobile App Development comments: 0

With today’s great manifestations of technology and modernization, it is amazing how many small, medium and large sized companies manage to maintain profitability and sustainability through the use of best mobile enterprise solutions and other methods. More companies and people tend to chase online and business success with enterprise web solutions. No doubt, mobility became part of people’s lives for the past few years.

More people are now using mobile and smart phones. These Smart phones can do lot of things than the typical and old fashioned mobile phones. Modern devices available today play vital role in the lives of many people. People use modern devices for communication, entertainment, online surfing and for business applications as well. Modern devices like mobile phone, tablet and many more satisfy people’s wants and needs for different applications. It is one main reason why there are several companies that continually develop smart phones for people’s high demand for it.

Probably, you are curious on what with happen to mobile web solutions in 2015. Well, there are several experts who believe that mobility will continue to rise. Predictions on mobile enterprise applications in 2015 are listed below:

  1. More applications will rise. More applications developers will continue developing different applications suitable for mobile enterprise. Some experts also believe that mobile operating system will be more secure.

  2. Almost 20% of developers today will continue developing software suitable for mobile application development, management and deployment up to 2017. Some experts also agreed that there is a possibility of issues that will link mobile platforms to the existing database.

  3. 35% of large IT companies will continually influence the rise of different mobile enterprise applications in order to develop more mobile applications.

  4. The number of mobile enterprise applications developers will increase up to 75%.

  5. More people and IT organizations will realize potential of mobile enterprise industry as a profitable industry.

  6. More than 50% of small, medium and large companies will invest on EMM or enterprise mobility management. EMM will produce more applications and data suitable for mobile phones.

  7. Large organizations will continue to strengthen the policy and process of mobile security.

It is quite amazing how the Mobile Web Solutions and Enterprise Mobility Solutions industry managed to maintain sustainability and profitability. Probably, the main reason why many people and organizations use this industry is that more people patronize different applications. No doubt that mobility is part of people’s trend. Small, medium and large organizations and companies use mobility as part of their strategies to reach and connect to their target audiences. More experts also believe that

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