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Top 7 Result Oriented Marketing Trends of 2019

Top 7 Result Oriented Marketing Trends of 2019

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The way tech giants like Google and Facebook are upgrading their algorithms every now and then, it’s impossible to forecast the accurate trends that are most likely to affect your online marketing strategies in the coming months.

Focus on Voice Search

Voice search is a feature that is used by the top most popular mobile operating platform IOS and Android. With this feature, people who are not higher educated can also search for global services by voice command. Most of the gadgets that we use nowadays have the feature of voice command. From a Digital Marketing perspective, Voice search may give you the edge to stay ahead of your competitors and also help you in reaching your wide target audience. Voice searches are mostly lengthier (4-8 keywords) than how people usually type and search and most of these searches are queries. While optimizing your website focus more on voice search queries than keywords.

Focus On Quality Content

Content is a king, as it is very helpful in website visibility. While creating quality content, you should focus on the intent search of your audience queries. Quality content is an X factor in evaluating keyword ranking, If your content is just to keep the blog alive, it is highly likely Google will rank it lower in search engine results. To make your content better, base your topic on audience queries asked frequently, because it helps search engines in navigating your web page more quickly.

Focus On Mobile-First Indexing

Domination of Laptops is going to be end soon as smartphones are more convenient, reliable and easy to carry anywhere. From future prospective Google has designed and upgraded its algorithm according to mobile indexing. Hence, Google is giving more preference to mobile-friendly websites, Mobile-first Indexing becomes a basic factor on which Google will determine search engine rankings.

Increase In Efficiency Of App-Marketing

With more than 90% of the population using smartphones,  it’s important to build a mobile App for your business growth. The popularity of websites over market Apps is fading day by day. Therefore it’s important to keep your business alive by building a smart business App.

Increase In The Importance Of Schema Markup

Schema is a vocabulary of tags that helps improve the Google bots read and understand your website better, in order to rank better in SERP’s. Keep Google’s algorithms in mind while choosing your schema markup more wisely.

Rise Of Influencer Marketing

To market your business online, it’s not necessary to hire a famous personality to promote your brand. Online Influencers are also right and convenient choice to promote your brand in the budget. Influencer marketing is a revolutionary strategy in digital marketing. Marketers are now highly interested to target the niche audience of these influencers to market their products/services.

Don’t Ignore AI Chatbots

AI Chatbots are smart query management system that helps your business in assisting your audience in the absence of customer support.

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