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UX and UI Design

A non-intrusive and intuitive user interface is key to having an engaged audience that has high conversion rates

Designing a user experience that works is not easy. While the backend ensures your site and app work without glitches, the frontend ensures your users enjoy the experience and keep coming back

As a result, it is imperative that the guidelines below be closely followed in order to build a good user experience:

  • An analysis of user requirements and expectations
  • A documentation of competitor profiles and product outcomes
  • Creation of user personas
  • Continuous testing during execution
  • A way to collect and assess user feedback
  • A conversational tone in web copy with no jargon
  • Researching and implementing new ways of engaging users

For the above to take place, it is important to ensure the UI designer does the following:

  • Aware of the user and customer goals during interaction
  • Maintains consistency with design patterns
  • Ensures the app or site tolerates user error
  • Provides users with continuous feedback
  • Keeps the app or site interface simple
  • Avoids the use of jargon during copywriting and maintains a conversational tone
Our sites and apps have been serving our clients beyond their expectations and we continue to add to this list of satisfied customers.


Creating and enabling delightful user experiences
We are well aware that the frontend design is just as important and necessary as the backend. As a result, we spend roughly just as much time designing the frontend as we do with the backend. Our experience in the use of new methodologies like responsive design allows us to offer superior user experiences that look and feel right on any device they are accessed on.
Our clients love the work we do and we guarantee you will too. Want to discuss your requirements with us? Looking for a quote?

A good user interface is key to offering a satisfactory customer experience. This, in turn, determines the success of your site or app. Our experience in this area validates our claims in designing user-friendly interfaces that are pleasing.quotelast
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