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CMS Development

Dynamic CMS websites are all the rage nowadays. Unlike static HTML websites, CMS websites offer more flexibility and are built to take advantage of various other technologies to offer a superior user experience

The need for content, whether by you or other third-party player, is increasingly becoming important. Prospective customers are using such content to make purchase decisions. Google also rewards high quality content with higher page rankings in searches. Social networks also value high quality content and give it high exposure as people like and share it across such networks. Creating such useful content is thus an important and one of the best marketing strategies that you should be adopting. Great content however requires a great and solid infrastructure to support it. This is where a well-designed content management system comes in.

A good CMS needs to:

  • Offer an intuitive user interface that is easy to use, even for the most non-technical person out there.
  • Be flexible and enable a custom design that matches the look and feel of your website.
  • Be extensible enough to allow the addition of modules and plugins that add functionality or build upon the core CMS features.
  • Be optimized for speed and stability with SEO capabilities built in without the need for a programmer to set up and run all these details.
  • Be highly secure and comply with acceptable open standards and best practices
  • Be well documented and have a large and active community support in place

The first step is to pick a CMS that will work for your website. This makes it considerably easier to design, develop, and deploy your website. Depending on client needs, we advice, select, and develop using a variety of CMSs. Our CMSs of choice include:



Helping you with your content management needs With a variety of CMSs in the market, you are spoilt for choice over what to use. We develop a variety of sites using the above CMSs. These include community sites, social networking websites, portals, and other content-focused sites. Content marketing is only going to get bigger and by having a website done using any of the above CMSs, you have a strategic business advantage over your competitors.

Our clients love the work we do and we guarantee you will too. Want to discuss your requirements with us? Looking for a quote?

Content management systems like WordPress and Drupal have greatly enhanced and simplified the way websites are designed. They require less coding and since most features are already in place, it is much cheaper to design highly stable and dynamic websites.quotelast
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